One moment of love #8 This video is about loving your neighbors and everyone around you even when they make you crazy. Recently I have had some issues with the people living next door. Seems like they want me to act wild and crazy too, but I won't. They want me to be angry and add to the chaos, … Continue reading One moment of love #8

Mantak Chia: Techniques to Activate The Second Brain

Mantak Chia: "We have a second brain" . Do this to activate the second brain. ► If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp. ►Motivational Alarm Tones

Unboxing | Timbrecod 5.5in 4K LCD Field Monitor | Amazon Camera Field Monitor,5.5" 4K Input with 3500mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 1920x1080 HDMI Screen Camera Field Monitor for DSLR Camera/Camcorder Many photographers have a hard time looking at the small LCD screen on their cameras. For years I have used an external screen for films, but having this luxury came with a few issues. The … Continue reading Unboxing | Timbrecod 5.5in 4K LCD Field Monitor | Amazon

Unboxing | Western Digital WD-P10 4TB hard drive Today I did a review of the Western Digital P10 4TB hard drive. I always drop these things, and sometimes I step on them. This time I went to Best Buy to find a new external USB hard drive that can stand strong against my clumsiness. So far so good, I like it. It … Continue reading Unboxing | Western Digital WD-P10 4TB hard drive

Hackers find missing people for fun (TRACE LABS) It all started when Rob Sell, a professional search and rescue tracker who also worked in computer security, became frustrated at how nobody was looking for many of the thousands of missing people. He decided to found Trace Labs, a project which uses crowdsourcing to enlist the efforts of hackers worldwide to find them. … Continue reading Hackers find missing people for fun (TRACE LABS)


Filmmaker Dash Harris is the brainchild behind the ‘Negro’ docu-series which examines, through a series of interviews, what it means to be black and Latino within the Americas. Dash Harris is blurring the color lines and shedding a much needed light on the experiences of peoples of African descent around the world. Her docu-series Negro explores the interplay … Continue reading ‘NEGRO’ DOCU-SERIES EXPLORES BLACK LATINO IDENTITY

Ron Alpha Podcast – Episode 25 – DJ Priority (producer/DJ)

In this interview I talked with an old friend who goes by the name DJ Priority. We talked about how he got started and what helped him become a great producer. We played a few records of his and talked about his viewpoint on Music, life and Spirituality. This is a great interview, I hope … Continue reading Ron Alpha Podcast – Episode 25 – DJ Priority (producer/DJ)

Are shipping container homes a scam? you decide.

After purchasing my first home a few years ago, I have had so many ideas of how to fix this home into something I can really call my own with my style and flair in it. I watched many videos of home improvement styles and techniques, and it has led me to shipping container homes … Continue reading Are shipping container homes a scam? you decide.

Life-Sized Walking RX-78-2 Mobile Suit Gundam Since January 2020, Amuro Ray and the team behind the Gundam Global Challenge has been creating a life-sized model of the iconic RX-78-2 Mobile Suit Gundam . I can't believe what I am seeing. This is truly amazing stuff here. It’s been a while since we’ve had any updates on the project, but now photos of the RX-78-2 … Continue reading Life-Sized Walking RX-78-2 Mobile Suit Gundam

JLS Gaming Cypha EP 2  

Black Before Columbus Came: The African Discovery of America  

JLS GAMING PODCAST (Live Stream) Ep. 1 This was our first live show on @jlsgamingusa. It was good to link up with my old high school friends @dj_priority @rosemarysbaby77@wlassalle and chop it up. By the way, my name is not Ron-MAC, you can call me Ron-G. #gaming#retrogaming #sports #sportspodcast#podcast #livestreaming #liveshow#rodepodcasterpro #rode #streamyard#youtube #youtubelivestream#stayhomeandgame #stayhome#quarantine2020 #jlsgaming My guy Wilfredo Lassalle started … Continue reading JLS GAMING PODCAST (Live Stream) Ep. 1

Mark Whitten, Cesar Piña, Max Maxwell and Jay Morrison talk about real estate.

Check out these videos of some of the real estate guys I follow online. They can help you understand how to invest in your first property. Do you have bad credit, no money and you're unemployed? Here is a way for you to bounce back and rebuilt your future.  

“Zygote” (short film) – Oats Studios

Synopsis: Twenty years ago, a smattering of large, mineral-rich asteroids crashed into northern Canada and Russia. At a remote mining outpost operated by Cerberus Minerals in the Northwest Territories, an anomalous, crystalline alien object described as the "quartz" has been recovered from one of the asteroids. The quartz, apparently sentient, cognitively affects humans by transmitting … Continue reading “Zygote” (short film) – Oats Studios

ADAM – episodes 1 – 3

"Adam" is an award-winning real-time-rendered short film, written and directed by Veselin Efremov, and created by the Unity Demo team. It runs at 1440p on a GeForce GTX980. Learn more about the creation of "Adam", download the assets and the real-time version, and find complete credits list: Watch the next episodes, written and directed … Continue reading ADAM – episodes 1 – 3

Madlib Meets Ethiopian Legend Ayaléw Mesfin

Madlib is one of the most prolific and acclaimed producers to ever work in music. Through his various projects over the years—from Madvillain to Quasimoto—the musician pretty much changed the way sampling works in hip-hop. Now, in a special called Madlib’s Medicine Show, Noisey follows Madlib—with the help of Egon at Now-Again Records—as he meets … Continue reading Madlib Meets Ethiopian Legend Ayaléw Mesfin

Short Film “17” – Directed by Bush Renz

“17” Short Film feat. Raphael Saadiq, Ty Dolla $ign, Mali Music & Elijah Blake created for Harry Belafonte’s Sankofa. The Visual EP, which made its official February 17th premiere on TIDAL, seeks to raise funds to support grassroots organizing efforts around issues of racial and social justice. It will become available on all DSPs on … Continue reading Short Film “17” – Directed by Bush Renz


In this series I created some graphic animations to show what I've learned about spirituality and faith over the past couple of years of my life. I wanted to use my gifts for God, and show my appreciation by spreading good information on how to live righteously. I am not perfect, and I am not … Continue reading ONE MOMENT OF LOVE SERIES

Alicia Keys (Short Film) – “The Gospel”

A music-driven short film presented as a visual prelude to Alicia Keys' sixth studio album, Here. Keys pays tribute to the communities that raised her in four slice-of-life segments depicting the coming of age experience in New York City. *Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Premiere *New York Times Pop Critic Pick –– The Playlist *2017 One … Continue reading Alicia Keys (Short Film) – “The Gospel”

NASIR – The Film (Nas)

  Short film by Nas for his latest album "NASIR"