Building a crypto-utopia in Puerto Rico: How do you feel about this?

af31ad97-b1f6-47f1-b5fb-32cbc11d09d7.jpgThe latest issues in Puerto rico with the storms, lack of food and electricity has gained the attention of some young investors from America that believe they can regenerate the island using blockchain technology. Some of the locals don’t want their help, they believe that this is another form of colonialism and gentrification. This is a hard one, watch the video before you comment and tell me what you think.

images-4I have some mixed feelings about this, and I’m kind of siding with the locals more than the investors. I get that these young people are eager to help the people, but i’m not sure if  they have the best interest of the people of Puerto Rico. The leader of this small group of investors is a smart guy, but he seems kind of disrespectful. They have meetings about what they plan to build, but I never see any locals in the meetings. It’s almost like they want to come in and just take over, because the island is weak and vulnerable at the moment. They also mentioned hat they want to create a private section of the island for themselves. (This sounds really fishy) Tell me what you think, am I wrong?



Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.15.06 PM

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