THE FAME TRAP | An MB Documentary

What a great video. This documentary shows how invasive cameras are when they are in your face, and how it makes people feel. I can’t imagine being a celebrity. We all want fame, but at what cost? Privacy is so important to us all. I know in my own life, I love being able to hide when I want to. Famous people can’t even go to the store. They need to make laws to stop some of these photographers. This would really ruin the internet, but at least make a law that keeps people a few feet away from you. As a photographer myself, I would never do that.

paparazziIf I am up close to someone, I always ask to take a photo of them. If am shooting video, I don’t follow people. They know exactly where I am pointing the camera and they decide to walk in front of it or now to. Respect is so valuable, and it seems like we forgot about it.

Now, celebs are finding ways to stop photographers from snapping photos of them when they don’t want to be seen. They use fabrics that ruin photos haha. It’s called the Anti-Paparazzi Reflective Clothing. I love it. check it out in the photos below.

You can find more videos like this at


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