One moment of love #8

This video is about loving your neighbors and everyone around you even when they make you crazy. Recently I have had some issues with the people living next door. Seems like they want me to act wild and crazy too, but I won’t. They want me to be angry and add to the chaos, but I ignore them. I don’t hate them, I know why they act that way. They can’t see the demons that control them. There’s so much hate for me, and I don’t even talk to them or even go near their property.

I mind my business and live happy. When I first moved there they seemed nice and helpful, but over time they got really controlling so I backed off a bit. The lady next door loved the old owner of the house who died, and so she felt comfortable coming over here like 3 times a week. That’s too much for me. She would watch us through the window facing our yard, and tell us what to do without us even asking for advice. I can see she has a controlling personality, and when we didn’t pay attention she took it personal. So recently she had a few guests over. Her windows are facing our driveway, and whenever we would go to the car they would laugh hard and loud. As soon as we go inside it stopped. I ignore her, she just wants our attention.

Over time I started to dislike this family, and especially the woman, but I had to learn a real hard lesson about love and forgiveness. I forgive them, and I realize that I am not the cause of their problems. I pray for God to help them, and hopefully we can build a new relationship without the drama.

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