Are shipping container homes a scam? you decide.

After purchasing my first home a few years ago, I have had so many ideas of how to fix this home into something I can really call my own with my style and flair in it. I watched many videos of home improvement styles and techniques, and it has led me to shipping container homes and tiny homes. This trend is growing all over the country. People are spending less on huge homes, and are being creative to design the perfect more affordable home for themselves with shipping containers.

People online will show you the beautiful parts of anything, here is some info on some things you should look out for before purchasing a shipping container home. Keep in mind, this is an opinion, and you don’t have to agree. Check out these videos from an architects perspective on shipping container home. Is the material safer or better? You decide, but I am taking notes and keeping this in mind to protect myself from a future disaster.

Published by Ron Alpha

Writer and Producer for RONALPHA.COM and CURRENTURBAN.COM

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