UNSOUND – Based on a True Story (full Film)

UnsoundThis film is about a young man who has a mother that suffers from Schizophrenia. This film is not a documentary, but it does show acted out events from the directors real life dealing with his mother’s illness. The director is a film student and a tutorial video expert on youtube. I sometimes watch and learn from his videos. Judging from his bright and happy personality you would never guess he was dealing with so much at home. He takes care of his mother and supports them both while going to film school. It is an honor for me to review this film, his story is so inspiring.

The intro to the movie speaks volumes. His mother is yelling out weird noises all alone underneath a dark bridge or sewer entrance (who knows what it is?). I felt the loneliness from that scene. Throughout the film he struggles with cleaning up the mess his mom makes everywhere she goes. whether it’s destroying the house or attacking people around her. He is responsible for her, and you can see how little help he gets from the rest of us. Most people want to push her away. Some say put her in a home. he struggles with trying to live his life and find time to follow his mother’s every move.

“Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder. The symptoms can be very disabling. 1 in 100 are affected. schizophrenia and other dissociative disorders do not get the Representation they deserve in film and television. This is a true story of severe mental illness and its effect on a family. If you or a family member lives with schizophrenia, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”


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Sigma 100 – 300 mm Lens (VIDEO FOOTAGE OF BIRDS IN MY YARD)

img_1303-2The Sigma 100-300mm lens is so clean and sharp. This is a must have telephoto lens that everyone should have in their bag. I tested this lens in my yard a while ago. I’m just adding this to my blog now lol. I was sitting back relaxing and I noticed that birds would fly over to this old pipe connected to the fence in my yard. I pulled this lens out and with a tripod I captured a few moments of them being still. This was a peaceful moment for me lol don’t laugh. This was taken with my old camera, but it came out pretty good. Enjoy!!!

Filmed with the Canon 650D +  Sigma 100 – 300mm Lens

The Moorish influence in Europe

When the topic of the Moorish influence in Europe is being discussed, one of the first questions that arises is, what race were they?

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 10.23.33 PMAs early as the Middle Ages, “Moors were commonly viewed as being mostly black or very swarthy, and hence the word is often used for negro,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Author and historian Chancellor Williams said “the original Moors, like the original Egyptians, were black Africans.” The 16th century English playwright William Shakespeare used the word Moor as a synonym for African. His contemporary Christopher Marlowe also used African and Moor interchangeably. Arab writers further buttress the black identity of the Moors.  The powerful Moorish Emperor Yusuf ben-Tachfin is described by an Arab chronicler as “a brown man with wooly hair.” Black soldiers, specifically identified as Moors, were actively recruited by Rome, and served in Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.  St. Maurice, patron saint of medieval Europe, was only one of many black soldiers and officers under the employ of the Roman Empire. Although generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical record, recent archeology and scholarship now shed fresh light on the Moors who flourished in Al-Andalus for more than 700 years – from 711 AD until 1492.  The Moorish advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and agriculture helped propel Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance.

Universal Education
The Moors brought enormous learning to Spain that over centuries would percolate through the rest of Europe. The intellectual achievements of the Moors in Spain had a lasting effect; education was universal in Moorish Spain, while in Christian Europe, 99 percent of the population was illiterate, and even kings could neither read nor write. At a time when Europe had only two universities, the Moors had seventeen, located in Almeria, Cordova, Granada, Juen, Malaga, Seville, and Toledo. In the 10th and 11th centuries, public libraries in Europe were non-existent, while Moorish Spain could boast of more than 70, including one in Cordova that housed hundreds of thousands of manuscripts. Universities in Paris and Oxford were established after visits by scholars to Moorish Spain. It was this system of education, taken to Europe by the Moors, that seeded the European Renaissance and brought the continent out of the 1,000 years of intellectual and physical gloom of the Middle Ages.

Fashion and Hygiene
Abu l-Hasan Ali Ibn Nafi – who was also known as Ziryab (black singing bird in Arabic) and Pájaro Negro (blackbird) in Spanish- was a polymath, with knowledge in astronomy, geography, meteorology, botanics, cosmetics, culinary art and fashion. He is known for starting a vogue by changing clothes according to the weather and season. He also suggested different clothing for mornings, afternoons and evenings. He created a deodorant to eliminate bad odors, promoted morning and evening baths, and emphasized  maintaining personal hygiene. Ziryab is believed to have invented an early toothpaste, which he popularized throughout Islamic Iberia – primarily in Spain. He made fashionable shaving among men and set new haircut trends. Royalty used to wash their hair with rosewater, but Ziryab introduced salt and fragrant oils to improve the hair’s condition.

Ziryab was also an arbiter of culinary fashion and taste, and revolutionized the local cuisine by introducing new fruit and vegetables such as asparagus, and by initiating the three-course meal served on leathern tablecloths. He insisted that meals should be served in three separate courses consisting of soup, the main course, and dessert. He also introduced the use of crystal as a container for drinks, which was more effective than metal. Prior to his time, food was served plainly on platters on bare tables, as was the case with the Romans. In general, the Moors introduced many new crops including the orange, lemon, peach, apricot, fig, sugar cane, dates, ginger and pomegranate as well as saffron, cotton, silk and rice,  all of which remain prominent in Spain today.

Urban Utilities: Street lights, Hospitals and Public Baths
In the 10th Century, Cordoba was not just the capital of Al Andalus (Moorish Spain) but also one of the most important cities in the world, rivaling Baghdad and Constantinople.  It boasted a population of 500,000 (200,000 more than now) and had street lighting, fifty hospitals with running water, three hundred public baths, five hundred mosques and seventy libraries – one of which held over 500,000 books. The Moorish achievement in hydraulic engineering was outstanding. They constructed an aqueduct, that conveyed water from the mountains to the city through lead pipes. All of this, at a time when London had a largely illiterate population of around 20,000 and had forgotten the technical advances of the Romans some 600 hundred years before. Paved and lighted streets did not appear in London or Paris for hundreds of years later.

The “father of modern surgery,” Abu al-Quasim (Al Zahrawi), was a Moor who was born in Cordoba. During a practice that lasted fifty years, he developed a range of innovative and precise surgical instruments, while writing a text book that was to be a cornerstone of Western medical training for the next 500 years.

Human Flight
The Moors’ scientific curiosity extended to flight when polymath Ibn Firnas made the first scientific attempt to fly in a controlled manner, in 875 A.D.  His attempt evidently worked, although the landing was less successful.

Advance Agriculture Techniques
Under the Moors, Spain was introduced to new food crops such as rice, hard wheat, cotton, oranges, lemons, sugar and cotton. More importantly, along with these foodstuffs came an intimate knowledge of irrigation and cultivation of crops. The Moors also taught the Europeans how to store grain for up to 100 years and built underground grain silos.

Paper Making
Paper making was brought to Spain by the Moors, allowing the growth of libraries and, thereby, the accurate preservation and dispersal of knowledge – with Xativa, in Valencia, having the first paper factory in Europe. Through the Moorish conquest of southern Spain, paper making first reached the Moorish parts of Spain in the 12th century. A paper mill is recorded at Fez in Morocco in 1100, and the first paper mill on the Spanish mainland is recorded at Xàtiva in 1151.



New Orleans MARDI GRAS – Fat Tuesday – FEB 2018

MARDI GRAS FEB 2018 – Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, I filmed some of the floats and bands performing. I have more footage coming soon. I used the Canon 80D and the Canon 10-22mm lens with the 50mm f1.8 as a backup. Enjoy. https://ronalpha.com


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cropped-af31ad97-b1f6-47f1-b5fb-32cbc11d09d71.jpegEvergreen Plantation is the most intact plantation complex in the South with 37 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, including 22 slave cabins. Today, Evergreen Plantation remains a privately owned, working sugar cane plantation. People live here and work here. Evergreen Plantation is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. On the Tour we met some really cool people. I took a few photos of them. If they ever get a chance to view this post, I hope they know how much I appreciate talking with them and learning about where they come from. It made the whole experience fun. Below are some photos of the guests and tour guides.

I also took a few photos of the plantation. It was huge let me tell ya. The history behind this plantation is so beautiful, it was totally different than what most of us were taught about slavery in the south. It opened my eyes to so much, please if you get a chance to visit the Evergreen Plantation…..do so, I loved it.

Side note: I tried to use a filter on these photos and it made the edges look horrible. Forgive me lol

Music by –  Ron Alpha

Lens: Canon 50mm F1.8, Canon 10-22mm, Canon 70-300mm

Cameras: Canon 80D, Sony a6000, Canon 650D


New Orleans – ZULU PARADE 2018 – Mardi Gras

img_1303UH OH, it’s Fat Tuesday and we are here down in New Orleans for the ZULU parade. The crowd is going fucking crazy for coconuts and beads. The bands are playing loud and the kids are out here excited to catch anything that comes off of each float that passes by. I noticed that everybody made sure all of the kids received something, no matter how big or small, They all got a gift. The culture down here is so rich and beautiful. I can see myself moving here one day. The only thing that scares me are the floods and from what I saw in Spike Lee’s documentary on hurricane Katrina…I’ll keep my ass up north where its dry. Anyway, I took some photos to share with you all. I took my handy Canon 80D with me and I put that work in. ENJOY!!!

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.40.12 PM

CAMERA: Canon 80D   LENS: Canon 50mm f1.8, Canon 10-22mm




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New Orleans – MARDI GRAS 2018 (The First 3 Days)

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The first 3 days of my trip to New Orleans I spent taking as many photos as I could. People walked up to me asking for a photo and I am so grateful for that. It made my job easy. My camera bag is full of lenses, but I used these 3 lenses the most. Today I used the Canon 50mm F1.8, Canon 10-22mm, Canon 70-300mm


Lens: Canon 50mm F1.8, Canon 10-22mm, Canon 70-300mm


Cameras: Canon 80D, Sony a6000, Canon 650D


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New Orleans Blues – Jackson Square (Canon 80D – 50MM Lens)

cropped-af31ad97-b1f6-47f1-b5fb-32cbc11d09d71.jpegWalking around in Jackson Square you will see a bunch of musicians performing. I stopped and filmed this Jazz band playing and the crowd went crazy. I never saw anything like it before.

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Camera: Canon 80D

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Lens: Canon 50mm F1.8


Documentary about GrandMaster Vic Moore: Defeated Bruce lee(speed test), Chuck Norris, Jim Kelly and all of the national champions.



“HOLE IN THE HEAD” – A documentary about the Human experiments of 1927

Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed tells the extraordinary life story of Vertus Hardiman. It is a highly moving and vivid motion picture about the triumph of the human spirit. Additionally, the documentary exemplifies how the lives of two individuals were changed forever through an incredible friendship. After singing next to each other in a church choir for over twenty years, Vertus finally reveals to Wilbert a tragic and horrific secret he was forced to conceal under a wig for seventy years. This sparked a journey of the heart, which occurred while unmasking Vertus’ lifelong suffering. Human experimentation was a known reality throughout the early to mid-twentieth century in the United States. Often, people were used as human guinea pigs during these practices without their knowledge or consent.

This film portrays the hidden but factual story of Vertus Hardiman, who at the age of five became the victim of such a medical experiment. The event left Vertus with a severe physical deformity, but did little to damage his virtuous character. In fact, Vertus endured his condition without anger or bitterness towards the perpetrators of the experiment. Encouraged by his friend’s determination to share his story, Vertus set out with Wilbert to retrace what happened in 1927. You have the opportunity to follow their journey and witness an enthralling story of love and forgiveness. Allstate Insurance pitchman Dennis Haysbert narrates the feature length documentary. The film is directed by Brett Leonard, a renowned Hollywood director who is among the most talented of his time

“To use human beings as guinea pigs for testing, particularly based on the color of their skin, is utterly abhorrent to God and good-willed men and women everywhere. Vertus Welborn bore the effects of this tragedy for nearly his entire life, yet his faith and love shone through his eyes. He was living proof of the inherent goodness of men and women. In his death his story lives on and inspires us all.” – Desmond Tutu

“What a brilliant story of friendship and compassion. It’s brave and extraordinary and touched me deeply. For this reason, I have become a spokesperson for this amazing experience. I will never forget the lessons presented by the film and book.”Blair Underwood Actor, Director, and Producer 

“This story is shocking, unbelievable, and true. The book and film are masterpieces that should be viewed by all due to their tremendous educational value.” –Leroy Baca Sheriff, Los Angeles County (Ret.) 

“I am very proud of this story and my role as narrator. It is my hope that the lessons of Vertus Hardiman will resonate in the hearts and minds of our viewers. Enter this phenomenal documentary and be amazed.” – Dennis Haysbert Film Narrator 

Click Here to get a copy of the film  – http://www.upliftproductionsinc.com

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DSLR Video Shooter – DIY Triangle “Ring” LED Light

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DSLR Video Shooter
Published on Aug 10, 2017
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Tired of LED ring lights? See how I made a triangle LED light for videos/photos! This is a dimmable, bright light that can be used for makeup videos, product shots and so much more.

My other lighting videos ► https://youtu.be/N1dVzkX_Zds?list=PLL…

The Build – 1:54
Wiring Diagram – 4:05
Power Options – 7:23

LED U Channels on Amazon ► http://geni.us/ledtray
90 CRI LED Stripes on Amazon ► http://geni.us/led90cri
80 CRI LED Stripes on Amazon ► http://geni.us/led80cri
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Dimmer on Amazon ► http://geni.us/leddimmer
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USB Battery on Amazon ► http://geni.us/ankerusbbattery
Adapter for USB battery on Amazon ► http://geni.us/usbto12v
L Bracket (hardware store)
Strap wood (or 3/4″ small lumber from hardware store)

This 10 Easy Steps Will Make Your Video More CINEMATIC

img_1303-2I hope you enjoy these small videos I share on this site. Each one of them helped me fine tune my camera skills so that I can compete with the professionals out there who make the big bucks lol. These quick tutorials will expand your knowledge of camera angles, grid lines, auto focus points and things most people never think about in filmmaking online. It’s not so simple, you have to learn all of these small things to create your own style and master everybody else’s. Every photographer or filmmaker has their own blueprint on how they film, but the basic steps in this video are used by almost everyone. save this video and take notes!!!


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