Scott Storch mini Documentary

There are few music careers like that of Scott Storch. The esteemed producer-songwriter made his initial mark in Philly as a key member of the Roots. A great start, but just the beginning of a wild ride to the top. Storch’s way with crafting hooks and shaping melodies, as well as his knack of being … Continue reading Scott Storch mini Documentary

HIP-HOP LEGENDS : NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Some of the greatest to ever bless the mic, these Emcees treated Tiny Desk to an office block party in the true essence of hip-hop. I found them by just browsing youtube and I spent the entire day jamming to all my favorite hits. NPR really got me hooked. I like how these rappers are … Continue reading HIP-HOP LEGENDS : NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

UNSOUND – Based on a True Story (full Film)

This film is about a young man who has a mother that suffers from Schizophrenia. This film is not a documentary, but it does show acted out events from the directors real life dealing with his mother's illness. The director is a film student and a tutorial video expert on youtube. I sometimes watch and … Continue reading UNSOUND – Based on a True Story (full Film)

The Moorish influence in Europe

When the topic of the Moorish influence in Europe is being discussed, one of the first questions that arises is, what race were they? As early as the Middle Ages, “Moors were commonly viewed as being mostly black or very swarthy, and hence the word is often used for negro,” according to the Oxford English … Continue reading The Moorish influence in Europe

Ron Alpha Podcast – Episode 31 – Live show with Joe Clase aka “Poeticneedlez”

On todays show we have metaphysical rapper Joe Clase joining us to talk about his music, about metaphysics, and his group YB nation. TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MUSIC LINKS: BIOGRAPHY:  Joseph Clase was born in Brooklyn New York in 1990 and was raised in the borough of Queens up until he was 17. A revolutionary at heart … Continue reading Ron Alpha Podcast – Episode 31 – Live show with Joe Clase aka “Poeticneedlez”

New Orleans MARDI GRAS – Fat Tuesday – FEB 2018

MARDI GRAS FEB 2018 - Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, I filmed some of the floats and bands performing. I have more footage coming soon. I used the Canon 80D and the Canon 10-22mm lens with the 50mm f1.8 as a backup. Enjoy.  

Random Photos from Mardi Gras 2018

Here are some photos I took in New Orleans. I forgot to add them with the others. My fiancé also took a few photos, I will post those at the bottom. She did pretty good. She is finally starting to trust her camera. Photography is very frustrating when you can't grab that perfect picture when … Continue reading Random Photos from Mardi Gras 2018