Photos from my trips to New Orleans this year.

img_1303Here are some photos from my trips to New Orleans this past year. I used all of my lenses on these photos. I walked around asking people to take photos of them, people were more than happy to pose for me. People love to be loved, they love attention and it makes them feel good to feel important. I don’t care how you look on the outside, your smile and spirit is what I want to capture. I hope you enjoy my photos, feel free to critique them….enjoy!!!

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.40.12 PM


Cameras: Canon 80D, Canon 650D


Lenses: Canon 10-22mm, 50mm f1.8, 10-18mm, 55-250mm, 24mm, sigma 100-300mm, 70-300mm, Opteka 500mm and 18-55mm.



Opteka 500mm/100mm Telephoto lens

img_1303-2This lens is only good for long shots that a regular telephoto lens can’t reach. Its very shaky, which means you definitely need a tripod when you use this thing. It is not my favorite lens, but It has a purpose. I can catch shots of birds way deep in the trees, but only still shots. It is extremely difficult to get a clean shot of something moving. This lens is very blurry, the image is not sharp at all. I won’t say it’s trash, but You should have one in your inventory just in case. Lets say you are on the beach and you see a boat far out in the water, you might be able to get a good photo if you can manage the shakiness.


I have a rating system I want to use. This lens gets 3 out 5 stars
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On AMAZON: You may find it cheaper on Ebay. 
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