This 10 Easy Steps Will Make Your Video More CINEMATIC

I hope you enjoy these small videos I share on this site. Each one of them helped me fine tune my camera skills so that I can compete with the professionals out there who make the big bucks lol. These quick tutorials will expand your knowledge of camera angles, grid lines, auto focus points and … Continue reading This 10 Easy Steps Will Make Your Video More CINEMATIC

MASTER camera settings FAST for BETTER VIDEO!

I watch this guy's videos all of the time for film tips. This video is especially good for people who are looking for that cinematic film look on Canon Cameras. I use these setting as well. Check it out and subscribe to his channel. his youtube channel -

Sony A6000 Settings for Adapted Lenses

THIS IS NOT MY TUTORIAL, I AM JUST POSTING THIS TO HELP OTHERS WHO HAVE THIS PRODUCT. PLEASE VISIT Check out this quick video tutorial of how to set up your Sony A6000 camera settings to work with adapted lenses. So you've got a Sony A6000 camera, you've got a vintage lens, you've even … Continue reading Sony A6000 Settings for Adapted Lenses

Product photography: DIY setup

I often wondered how people create the photos for all of these product reviews online and on YouTube. I saw a few kits on amazon that looked cool, but I’m sick of always having to spend a bunch of money to do small things that I can create myself. Here is what I did. MUSIC … Continue reading Product photography: DIY setup