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New Orleans MARDI GRAS – Fat Tuesday – FEB 2018

MARDI GRAS FEB 2018 – Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, I filmed some of the floats and bands performing. I have more footage coming soon. I used the Canon 80D and the Canon 10-22mm lens with the 50mm f1.8 as a backup. Enjoy.


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Random Photos from Mardi Gras 2018

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img_1303-2Here are some photos I took in New Orleans. I forgot to add them with the others. My fiancé also took a few photos, I will post those at the bottom. She did pretty good. She is finally starting to trust her camera. Photography is very frustrating when you can’t grab that perfect picture when you want it. You have to figure out which lenses are the best for the look you are trying to capture, and when is the best time of day to shoot. There are so many things that can affect the photos you create. I like to capture people smiling. I like to see them happy. I don’t really need a weird pose, just be normal. It doesn’t even have to be the best image quality, some people may disagree but I like the memories and if it comes out crazy looking who cares. Do what makes you happy.

BEATS BY – TallBlackGuyProductions

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cropped-af31ad97-b1f6-47f1-b5fb-32cbc11d09d71.jpegEvergreen Plantation is the most intact plantation complex in the South with 37 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, including 22 slave cabins. Today, Evergreen Plantation remains a privately owned, working sugar cane plantation. People live here and work here. Evergreen Plantation is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. On the Tour we met some really cool people. I took a few photos of them. If they ever get a chance to view this post, I hope they know how much I appreciate talking with them and learning about where they come from. It made the whole experience fun. Below are some photos of the guests and tour guides.

I also took a few photos of the plantation. It was huge let me tell ya. The history behind this plantation is so beautiful, it was totally different than what most of us were taught about slavery in the south. It opened my eyes to so much, please if you get a chance to visit the Evergreen Plantation… so, I loved it.

Side note: I tried to use a filter on these photos and it made the edges look horrible. Forgive me lol

Music by –  Ron Alpha

Lens: Canon 50mm F1.8, Canon 10-22mm, Canon 70-300mm

Cameras: Canon 80D, Sony a6000, Canon 650D


New Orleans – ZULU PARADE 2018 – Mardi Gras

img_1303UH OH, it’s Fat Tuesday and we are here down in New Orleans for the ZULU parade. The crowd is going fucking crazy for coconuts and beads. The bands are playing loud and the kids are out here excited to catch anything that comes off of each float that passes by. I noticed that everybody made sure all of the kids received something, no matter how big or small, They all got a gift. The culture down here is so rich and beautiful. I can see myself moving here one day. The only thing that scares me are the floods and from what I saw in Spike Lee’s documentary on hurricane Katrina…I’ll keep my ass up north where its dry. Anyway, I took some photos to share with you all. I took my handy Canon 80D with me and I put that work in. ENJOY!!!

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CAMERA: Canon 80D   LENS: Canon 50mm f1.8, Canon 10-22mm




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New Orleans – MARDI GRAS 2018 (The First 3 Days)

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The first 3 days of my trip to New Orleans I spent taking as many photos as I could. People walked up to me asking for a photo and I am so grateful for that. It made my job easy. My camera bag is full of lenses, but I used these 3 lenses the most. Today I used the Canon 50mm F1.8, Canon 10-22mm, Canon 70-300mm


Lens: Canon 50mm F1.8, Canon 10-22mm, Canon 70-300mm


Cameras: Canon 80D, Sony a6000, Canon 650D


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